Hello. My name is Liam O'Shea and I currently live in Norfolk, Virginia with my lovely wife Patty and three beautiful daughters, Fiona, Annie and Molly. I haven't always lived here though. In fact I spent a good deal of my life in Spain and Morocco. I no longer remember the amount of paintings I have completed and sold, but it numbers in the hundreds. I was mentored by Raphael Tardeo, one of Spain's great Artists, sadly he has passed. I was enrolled in Fine Arts at the University of Madrid.

A good deal of the work is done with palette knife, but lately mostly brush work. I find the knife more of a challenge and it's always done with oils. I am not a fan of acrylic (although I do have some mixed-media)to me it dries too fast for proper blending. I hope you like what you see and maybe you might want to buy one, for beauty is in the eye of the beholder (squint and lean to the right a bit, there you go). I call my work Impressionistic-Motion since pigeon-holing appears to be necessary.

There are only a few of my paintings and pastels displayed currently as I prefer to spend my time working than uploading...more will follow, I promise. If you are in Norfolk, the Harbor Gallery has several pieces. By the way I do take commissions, still life, landscape and houses. If you live in Norfolk I will gladly deliver your piece personally.

Thank you for coming by today, be happy and stay safe.

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